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Interactive playground equipment

HiT iT! New event ELI Play

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Interactives games for indoor playgrounds

Interactive games provides endless fun for children in your indoor playground. You can add interactive elements to boost your playground. We offer a broad range of interactive playground equipment.

ELI Play’s interactive playground equipment

HiT iT!

HiT iT! is an interactive arena that consists of various events with targets. The players must hit the targets to earn points. The game is to collect as many points as possible and beat your friends!

It provides challenge, excitement, competition and entertainment. This attraction is perfect for sports venues, family entertainment centres and playgrounds.

More information about HiT iT!.

HiT iT! arena ELI Play


The iWall is an interactive game for all age categories. The motion sensor in the wall records the movements of the players and shows them on the screen. There are various games available, such as Parkour and Ski Jump.

More information about the iWall.


The tapWall is an interactive touch screen and offers fun for the whole family. The game is designed to use skills like eye-hand coordination, memory, fast response capability and visual perception. The number of games is regularly expanded and updated.

More information about the tapWall.


An interactive climbing wall that comes with several games for beginners and advanced climbers. The game selection covers single and two-player games. A great interactive addition to your playground!

More information about the ValoClimb.


An interactive trampoline game with several entertaining game and training applications. You can install a single or double ValoJump, it is possible to connect two devices to play duo games. Sports is combined with technology and fun!

More information about the ValoJump.

ValoClimb augmented climbing wall


The CardioWall FreeStyle Duo consists of two 5-light interactive walls. The multi-player launch allows players to compete against each other to score the highest number of points. There are two games – speed and reaction, where players must hit as many pods as possible within one minute.

More information about the CardioWall.


With customisable layouts, SkyPods are great for any park. A versatile test of agility and reaction that brings a lot of fun to a trampoline park! The game is suitable for all ages and abilities. Branding backing graphics make SkyPods an eye-catching feature piece.

More interaction about SkyPods.

Timer system

Trigger Trac Timer System can be added to our Assault course for super accurate timing. A timer system offers your visitors even more challenges and friendly competition.

More information about the Trigger Trac Timer system.

DodgeAttack and PowrPlay

DodgeAttack targets can be added to the DodgeBall area or Multi Sport Arena. PowrPlay targets can be added to the goals of the Multi Sport Arena, or set up as a penalty shootout. When a team hits the opponent’s board with the ball, the board lights up and the score automatically appears on the score board.

More information about the DodgeAttack and PowrPlay.

Timer system assault course


The Sisyfox is designed to get kids moving. By turning the ball you move Sisyfox through mountains and valleys. The Sisyfox is compact and can be placed as standalone attraction.

More information about Sisyfox.

Add interactive equipment into your playgrounds

Request our catalog with information about our interactive playground equipment. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via or +33 3 72 39 11 85.

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