Add a Half Pipe to your trampoline park

Humpers can use all their energy when the use the Half Pipe. The Half Pipe contains one long trampoline sheet with two opposite slanting sides. This allows the jumper to practice stunts between the two sides. The Half Pipe offers fun to jumpers of all ages.

The standard measurement of the Half Pipe is 7.5 x 3 meters.


The trampoline of the Half Pipe consists of one large jump sheet. This is stretched in the half pipe and goes up on two sides. The half pipe is always closed with nets.


The Half Pipe can be placed as a freestanding attraction or integrated in a trampoline park.


The Half Pipe is shielded by means of nets, so that the jumper can jump safely. The Half Pipe only allows one jumper at a time.


The Half Pipe requires maintenance. The jumping surface, padding and springs must be checked regularly for cracks and damage. Because jumpers regularly unintentionally jump on the padding, the fixings need to be checked carefully.

Curious about the possibilities?

If you want to find out whether a Half Pipe is suitable for your trampoline park, please contact our sales department. We like to help our customers realize their dreams.


  • - Maximum of 1 jumper at a time on the half pipe
  • The standard Half Pipe is 7.5 x 3 m.
  • Vinyl available in 15 colours
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